Chief Visionary Officer

Rev.Erika Forbes

As the Chief Visionary Officer of Envision Justice and Post Roe Power,

Reverend Erika Forbes believes that in order to build the most effective and powerful reproductive health, rights, justice, and freedom movement the world has ever seen, we must begin from the inside out. This is why she talks about how her two abortions saved her life. She goes all the way in our movement through transformative facilitation, creating messages and campaigns that shift narratives and culture, and supporting real movement collaboration. Her laser focus on the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement shows what the future could look like if we are brave enough to see it and be it.

For over 30 years, Erika has partnered with organizations and leaders to develop innovative programs, create strategic and bold messaging campaigns, and sustain thriving networks in the reproductive justice movement. Trained initially as an educator, she knows what a successful movement is made of: networks of people willing to bridge divides, say it plain, and take risks for the benefit of the whole. She draws upon her personal experiences and organizing expertise to develop effective campaigns and initiatives. Throughout her reproductive justice career, Erika has challenged the dehumanization of people and brought her compassionate light to their reproductive stories.

Now on the other side of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe, Erika is adding value with coalition building, facilitation, and strategic organizing–and she is leading the charge as an outspoken minister for the movement. Erika is passionate about creating solid strategy and meaningful messages. She takes ownership in helping her clients in the movement reach new heights, from winning national campaigns to planning and implementing new philosophies in the work culture around reproductive justice. She is driven by a deep and lasting vision of support for anyone working towards the goals of freedom of reproductive choice and a new future of health for everyone. She thinks like an organizer, strategizes like an attorney, and researches like a policy advocate, all in the pursuit of reproductive justice for all.

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