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How to have Curious and Dangerous Conversations

Save the date! On Thursday June 23 at 12 pm CT

How to Have Curious and Dangerous

“How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerous and Deadly Times”.

In this workshop, “Dangerous and Deadly Times” you will learn how as a result of a three-part social phenomenon, Sorting, Othering, and Siloing (SOS). The “SOS” acronym which reflects a universal societal distress signal is appropriate for what happens in conversations today around justice and how you can save yourself and others.

If you would truly like to have or need to have some conversations with some people who don’t agree with my “reproductive or justice” point of view and you want to learn how to do that without an argument, and if you are open to learning how to help people hear some reasons for your point of view.
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