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With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, our movement has the opportunity to reimagine and create the most inclusive movement the world has ever known. We are all deeply aching for something that is bigger than just Roe as we knew it, in part because Roe left out the voices of so many, including the voices of men.

Men have been told they don’t have a say because they don’t have a uterus and have been marginalized by the very movement that never wanted to be marginalized. Right now, there is a moment of reckoning for all of us in the reproductive justice movement.

Authentic reframing of the reproductive movement as a matter of justice, human rights, survival, and public health will inspire new ways of future activism that value and amplify the voices of men and others that have been shut down and locked out with no voice.

The onslaught of ongoing threats to reproductive rights are wide-ranging. Within the reproductive rights movement, there continues to be a lack of agreement over priorities and strategies, weakening the ability to withstand attacks and be proactive. Nonetheless, there are reasons for optimism about the future. There is greater diversity of organizations and leadership, as well as more strategic convergence than ever since Roe.

There is widespread acknowledgment that while abortion rights have been at the forefront, the conservative agenda is challenging all aspects of human rights and our ability to control our lives. There is agreement about the need to counter these activities with new ways of framing, advocating, and collaborating.

This is why we need men in the movement from a justice lens from a morally right lens and from what we know the data science has stated. The time is now. We must welcome men to the reproductive justice movement. 

Join Rev. Erika as she presents a live conversation and Q&A expanding on this topic and offering ways we can shift our movement. DONATION BASED EVENT!

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